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FINDING FLOW is a nonfiction feature film currently in production alongside D.E.A.N.S. Productions and Vickie Curtis the Emmy award wining screenwriter behind The Social Dilemma and Chasing Coral. Finding Flow  follows director Elizabeth Fowler as she collaborates with her research partners at Oxford University, neuroscientists, psychologists, flow masters, and everyday people around the globe to better understand the properties of flow- a mental state that helped Lizzy recover from a severe TBI six years ago.


Her personal experience has launched her on a quest for knowledge: Flow seems to help humans unlock creative energy, mental, and physical capacity that far exceeds our typical day to day experience. So what's happens in our lives when we learn to access flow state to heal, to create, to transcend, and to perform in ways that once seemed out of reach. While many neuroscientists have studied this in the lab, very little has ever been done to study the brain during flow sate in real life. 


From indengiousness divers, to birthing mothers, to a blind jazz musician, monks, dancers, speed skiiers, and everyday people, her research alongside new cutting edge technology will create the largest data set looking at the human brain in flow state while beginning to piece together her fractured experience of returning to consciousness from a life-threatening traumatic brain injury. 

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